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wrote toTOEIC990🤠Teacher 𝐘𝐀𝐃𝐈📢Start your language acquisition journey now!👊

2022/05/16 11:59
Today we're talking about the presentation skills again, including how to give an introduction and grab the attention of the audience. Yadi shares the examples and let me try again by myself. Hope that I will recover from the neck pain. See you next time Yadi !

wrote toArche⚡️Business⭐️TOEFL💥Job Interviews

2022/05/16 11:48
Thank you teacher Arche, you are great. He is reliable person, never missed our class. Even when he struggled to get internet connections still he managed to keep the class. I respect his sincere attitude.

wrote to⭐JOE⭐IELTS ⭐PTE⭐TOEIC⭐Conversation⭐interview⭐

2022/05/16 11:26
Sometimes I need to think for a long time when I speak English sentences. Maybe because my vocabulary is not enough. lf possible, I hope Joe can give me more opportunities to speak, because sometimes I am just thinking, thinking about how to say that word in English, for a long time. But not means my sentence is finished or I don't want to talk haha.🤣🤣 Thank you Joe for introducing a lot about the Philippines in today's class, I found it interesting and I really love this kind of topic!! l like topic about different country, culture and so on.

wrote to🌈Kimberlea ⭐️Experienced English Teacher - Kids and Teens🌞

2022/05/16 09:28
Thank you for your review teacher.This level is right for her.What you mentioned is absolutely right, she knew the contents but was hard for her to communicate,due to lack of vocabulary and no sense with sentence structure.Thank you for your patient guidance during the class.

wrote toYanie ✨51Talk Teacher & Licensed Teacher👩‍🏫 Experienced ESL & Pre-School teacher💡

2022/05/16 07:55
Lung Lung is familiar with the flow of the class and will ask for welcome and goodbye song now. When Lung Lung is not paying attention on the class, teacher Yanie can always catch his attention back. Thank you so much.

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wrote toDayo 🇺🇸 Best Native Teacher 👔 For IELTS|Conversation|Grammar 🌎14+ Years of Success 🏆

2022/05/16 05:48
We were so nervous about Ji's studies at high school this year, because of her low performance in her English Studies. But we are so glad to meet Teacher Dayo on this platform, he's been such a supportive teacher, and we’re now really looking forward to more years ahead with him! Blessings Teacher Dayo, we hope our daughter will improve more with his professional expertise.

wrote toDayo 🇺🇸 Best Native Teacher 👔 For IELTS|Conversation|Grammar 🌎14+ Years of Success 🏆

2022/05/16 05:34
Teacher Dayo always has faith in me even when I didn’t have confidence. He helps me build correct and acceptable English that I have always wanted to. Many times during conversation with him in class I make mistakes and he will identify my mistakes and tells me the right thing with so much patience and love. Thanks for helping me through teacher. I couldn’t have done it without him.

wrote toDayo 🇺🇸 Best Native Teacher 👔 For IELTS|Conversation|Grammar 🌎14+ Years of Success 🏆

2022/05/16 05:14
Early this year, it was kind of uncertain and difficult for Hye due to her poor vocabulary and speaking inability in English. I want to thank Teacher Dayo for helping put our minds at ease our daughter can now go back for the 2022 school year with lots of improvement.

wrote toDayo 🇺🇸 Best Native Teacher 👔 For IELTS|Conversation|Grammar 🌎14+ Years of Success 🏆

2022/05/16 05:04
Dayo is more than a teacher he is always a friend, confidante. Always patient and always there for me to help me improve my speaking and writing skills. Thanks for all the preparation for the IELTS test so far. I'm confident to take the test now and I hope we stay in touch for a long time to come. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!

wrote toNing【Kids English | English speaking】

2022/05/16 04:50
Even if I study my homework seriously, I can never guess what the teacher is going to ask? Although I've always wanted to guess what she's going to ask me? But I never got it right, it's always unexpected, it's ridiculous. After every class, my brain collapses, more tired than training, but I like it. 😂😂😂

wrote to🐯 Sam 🌟 7+ yrs teaching 🌟 Public school teacher 🌟 🥇 All ages + levels🥇

2022/05/16 01:06
Sam is professional in his teaching and patient when listening to me.🙏 He always got what I wanted to talk about precisely.👍 I will recommend the students who have the ambition to improve his/her ability in business English to choose Sam as the teacher! It will get great promotion and learn a lot from him. Thanks Sam for the excellent trial class. Looking forward to work together next time 😆

wrote toFari🎖️University professor🎯Exam Preparation🎯Kids and Teens 🎯 IELTS

2022/05/16 00:21
A Great lesson with Farnoosh, Thanks for your sharing and i have learnt so much about Ielts, we can talk more about the plan of Ielts and how to do better for the exam. See you next week

wrote toHannah 🇬🇧🦈 Speaking expert for kids and adults ✨

2022/05/16 00:14
Thank you Hannah for encouraging Venus to speak in full sentences. Venus gets more used to express herself in English, though she still needs more examples/guidance to talk more about her routine life/weekends. She will do a show and tell next time. Keep it up and look forward to Hannah's lesson again!

wrote toTYLER - American English 🔥 USA🇺🇸

2022/05/16 00:05
My brain's not working properly today, couldn't even come up with a decent sentence... which is bad... but anyway... love talking to Tyler. Coming up sentences with new vocabulary really helps me memorizing them by the way.

wrote toFelice ✈️✈️✈️Easy learning

2022/05/16 00:01
I found I can understand what did they speak if the speed is slow. Maybe I need to try to build English environment to familiar with it. BTW, Felice is not only a teacher but also a nice spirit coach.


2022/05/15 23:53
1. Which one do you like more, using a map or asking strangers for directions? I tend to ask strangers for directions because that’s clear to know it. 2. If you got lost in a foreign country, what would you do? I will ask the local person how to get to my destination.

wrote to👩‍🏫Alex🇬🇧British Teacher🤝Business💯Conversation👶Kids Specialist🇬🇧ALL AGES

2022/05/15 23:50
today i have learned different types of exercises , and use the verbs go , play ,do with different activities ! today ‘s listening is more difficult than before ,but i will try my best thank you Alex

wrote to🇬🇧Sean🇹🇭 👨‍💼 10 years experienced ESL Teacher 🎓

2022/05/15 23:36
My son has finished 20 lessons, he likes to attend the class. Teacher Sean is experienced and will choose interesting topics for students. His teacher way is learning themes plus playing games to refresh memory. This is suitable for my son as long as he is willing to talk and share in English.

wrote to🏆Ayla🏆5yo-Adult English/Social Studies Teacher✨Reading, Writing, Conversational Specialist

2022/05/15 23:21
I STRONGLY recommend her to all the english learners. The class really helps you to expand your English vocabulary and improve your English communication skills. She is enthusiastic about explaining any questions I asked. She loves using advanced vocabulary to make you learn more.

wrote toAshia 🇨🇦 Native Speaker 🌟Conversational English Expert🌟

2022/05/15 23:21
As always, it was really a pleasure to be in Ashia's class. Today we continued the discussion of stereotypes. However, I had difficulty in understand the meaning of a question and was stuck in it for quite a while, Ashia showed her great patience and kindness in the meantime, and even provided more explanations after the class, which I really appreciated.

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