Immersive learning with the best online Hakka Chinese tutors

Immersive learning with the best online Hakka Chinese tutors

Study Hakka Chinese with a teacher who is just focused on you!

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Online Hakka Chinese Tutor FAQ

Why should I learn Hakka Chinese on AmazingTalker?

AmazingTalker’s one-on-one Hakka Chinese tutors are suitable for everyone who wants to learn Hakka Chinese efficiently and effectively. We have professional Hakka Chinese tutors for toddlers, small children, older kids, middle and high school students, and adults of all levels, including tutors for beginner, intermediate and advanced Hakka Chinese language classes.

Our Hakka Chinese tutoring services can help you to improve in all aspects of the language - listening, writing, reading, speaking, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. You can also customize your study focus (for example, a business Hakka Chinese program). Whether your goal is to improve your Hakka Chinese conversation skills for fun, prepare for a test or speak more fluently at work, AmazingTalker’s Hakka Chinese tutors are here to help.

How much do Hakka Chinese sessions cost?

On average, Hakka Chinese sessions cost $10 - $30 per hour. However, rates vary by tutor’s nationality, experience and popularity. Check out the Hakka Chinese session rates in your country.

How do I find the right Hakka Chinese tutor?

You can browse tutor profiles to get a better idea of their background and specialties, and whether they meet your needs. You can also start with top tutors rated by our students, or use our tutor recommendation tool.

Can I find high-quality Hakka Chinese tutors at reasonable prices?

Certainly! You can find a great tutor within your budget. Here is a list of professional Hakka Chinese tutors at lower prices.

Who are our Hakka Chinese tutors?

AmazingTalker handpicks only the best local Canadian and international Hakka Chinese teachers. They will provide you Hakka Chinese lessons tailored to your need.

Each prospective instructor must undergo a rigorous selection process before becoming an AT Hakka Chinese teachers, after which their performance is constantly monitored. Try a class and start learning today.

How do I find a Hakka Chinese tutor?

If you want to find a local Hakka Chinese tutor near you and you have a clear idea of your criteria for choosing one - such as any learning objectives, target cost for Hakka Chinese tutoring, etc. - you can use the search function to find a Hakka Chinese tutor near you in Canada or abroad who best suits your needs. You can then contact the tutor or book a trial class to start your learning adventure.

What's the best learning environment for me? Should I choose a native speaker as my Hakka Chinese tutor?

The best ways to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in an environment where you have to use Hakka Chinese to communicate with people. By forcing yourself to listen and speak the language, you will get familiar with it very soon. In this case, you should choose a native Hakka Chinese tutor for yourself.

However, if you do not currently have a solid foundation in spelling and/or vocabulary, we recommend you choose a bilingual tutor who speaks your target language and your mother language, as you will likely have a better learning experience during your one-on-one private tutoring.

Where can I learn Hakka Chinese near me?

You can improve your Hakka Chinese with our online Hakka Chinese tutors near you from Canada! For local Canadian instructors, our platform makes it easy to find Hakka Chinese tutors serving from all over Canada, we offer Montréal Hakka Chinese tutors, Quebec City Hakka Chinese tutors, Vancouver Hakka Chinese tutors, Toronto Hakka Chinese tutors, Calgary Hakka Chinese tutors.

When can I learn Hakka Chinese with Hakka Chinese tutors online?

You can learn Hakka Chinese with your Hakka Chinese tutors online whenever you want (and if the tutor is free too, of course). You can schedule your classes and make appointment with the tutor after your purchase. Therefore you can have Hakka Chinese classes in the morning, afternoon, evening or late night in your time zone. Seven days a week.

How much is the cost per hour?

All tuition fees of Hakka Chinese classes are set by our Hakka Chinese tutors themselves, not by AT. For reference, most of our tutors charge roughly CAD$12-38 per hour.

How do I pay for the cost of learning Hakka Chinese?

You can pay with PayPal or credit card (American Express, Mastercard, or Visa). For certain international markets (e.g. Taiwan), we also accept local methods of payment, such as payment via ATM or convenience store.

What makes AmazingTalker unique?

Here in AmazingTalker, you can from the best Hakka Chinese tutors at affordable prices with personalised learning plans focusing on your own needs and goals. Unlike many other online language learning platforms, AmazingTalker believes that the best way to learn Hakka Chinese is by working with real native speakers and tutors. Regardless of which of our 60+ languages or topics you want to focus on, we believe that the way you learn should be designed for your needs and goals.

What if I want to become an online Hakka Chinese teacher at AmazingTalker?

If you're interested in becoming an online Hakka Chinese teacher, please visit our "apply to teach" page. At AmazingTalker, you can teach on your own schedule and set your own rates.

What if I have more questions?

Our FAQs section here should have answers to most of your questions. If you can't find answers to your question in the FAQs, you can find more information or contact us by clicking the red question mark icon on the bottom right of your screen.

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