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wrote to🌹Margaret🌹 +30yrs experience

19/03/2023 22:22
We discussed the recent strike that took place in Paris, while I shared how the new AI tool ChatGPT is impacting my life. Our conversation was enjoyable and productive, and Teacher Margaret kindly corrected my English during our chat. It was a great help, and I appreciated her guidance.

wrote to🥨👗🍻trilingual teacher 🇩🇪 🇪🇸 🇬🇧️ 💬 Real Life Conversation specialist

18/03/2023 16:25
A nice chat with Kristina, and I tried to explain my plans for my travel, the procedure if I would like to travel with my dog back to my home country, and also about the possible gifts that I can bring back home to share with family and friends. With the help of Kristina, I learned to explain things better and also in an understandable manner! Thank you!

wrote toAkouvi’s simple learning!

17/03/2023 03:05
i had my first lesson with akouvi yesterday evening, and was quite nervous about finally starting language tutoring. akouvi put my worries at ease, and provided me with many opportunities to talk in the class and ask questions about content. she was ok with me veering off into a slightly different direction than the planned class, and adjusted the content to accomodate that. amazing, knowledgeable, flexible teacher. booked in for more lessons already :)

wrote toFerdi 🌟 Kid’s Course 🌟 Business and TOFEL 🌟 Conversation expert 🌟 Welcome every level and age

13/03/2023 18:03
Thank you for today Mr. Ferdi!I love this class because I can use my faverite english to hav german lessons!You are very caring ,I am very happy to have class with you!auf widersehn.......

wrote toEmile 🎓👨🏻‍🏫Univ. Lecturer: Conversational German/Kids /Beginners - Advanced 📖✔️

12/03/2023 22:18
Danke, Emile! It was interesting to learn the nouns and verbs in German. And the duration of lesson was short today😅. Time goes so fast! You are so patient to correct my pronunciation all the time. I will keep learning.

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wrote toKevin 👋 | Patience 🧘‍♂️ | Empathy 💟 | Certified German Teacher 👨‍🏫

03/03/2023 21:42
Kevin is a very patient and helpful teacher. Today, he corrected my writing which he gave me as homework. Instead of just telling me what I did wrong, he asked me to think about it and find better alternatives for certain words and sentences. It’s very helpful because it makes me understand the logic and structure behind German grammar much better. I really enjoy the class.

wrote to🖤❤️💛 Miriam 🖤❤️💛 highly qualified&certified professor🎓 University assistant

03/03/2023 02:11
I am delighted to write a review for our son's German tutor. Miriam is a fantastic teacher, who has been teaching our seven-year-old son German for a while now. I am impressed with her teaching methods, and our son is thriving under her guidance. Miriam tailors her classes to meet the needs of our son. She ensures that the lessons are engaging, informative and fun, which has helped our son to develop a strong interest in the German language. Her patience and kindness make the lessons enjoyable for our son, and he looks forward to every session with her. In summary, I highly recommend this tutor to anyone looking for an excellent German tutor for their child. Our son loves learning with Miriam, and I am grateful for her contribution to his language development.

wrote toEmile 🎓👨🏻‍🏫Univ. Lecturer: Conversational German/Kids /Beginners - Advanced 📖✔️

02/03/2023 02:52
Second class and looking forward to the next and next. I really can't explain how much I enjoy Emile classes in learning deutsch. I love how we start off each class with something from all the previous lessons. I'm also starting to feel a bit more confident in speaking the language and expressing myself. Danke Emile

wrote to🥨Ed💁‍♂️Speaking | Beginners | Kids

01/03/2023 09:09
Different from other teachers, Ed really knows how to make complicated things simple. And that's exactly what I need. He has his own approach on things which totally works for me. Thank you and looking forward to our next lesson!

wrote toRyland 🤓 Conversation EXPERT💥Language Beginners 💥Pass Goethe Exams A1 - B1 🙌

27/02/2023 21:17
Today I learned the Relativsätze of welche, and I also learned the difference in the suffixes between -iert and -rend. Discussing about the article with the teacher today, I have learned a lot! I also thank the teacher for helping me listen to the pronunciation, and thank the teacher for teaching today!

wrote toChris, 💥A1-B1 Gen. and Testprep.💥

26/02/2023 10:13
Quick adaptation and flexible teaching according to student’s suggestions. Great communication. Very solid German language skills. Very helpful. Considerate in time planning and answering questions from the student. Many additional input for real time daily conversations

wrote toAkouvi’s simple learning!

24/02/2023 21:05
Today lesson theme is conversation. The teacher teach me how to introduce myself, to learn make the sentence, role play game for practice. 😁😁😁it so much fun to speak German. The teacher courage a lot for me. I really looking forward next class again.

wrote toRemo 💗German & English for Kids 💗 Goethe Inst. all levels 💗 Conversation

24/02/2023 06:59
Remo provided lots of opportunities for me to speak and learn vocabulary through different ways such as reading and making own sentences. He has many different resources and provided valuable feedback.

wrote to🥇Teacher V 🖤🧡💛 German Expert Kids & Beginners

18/02/2023 03:56
We like how flexible Teacher Vedad is. Always center our needs to reach our learning goals. Vadad is very patient with kids. We will for sure to continue more classes with Teacher Vadad.

wrote to👋 Robby was teaching job skills 🤹‍♀on international projects. 🔖 TEFL-Zertifikat

14/02/2023 22:33
Robby was great! He came to the trial lesson fully prepared with a beautiful presentation, a nice material. He has a plan and it is greatly organized and professional. Robby is friendly, encourages you to speak, and let you try to read slowly after him. I really enjoyed the class. I am excited about continuing our lessons. Would recommend him to anyone. Robby非常認真、有規劃、有耐心,短短25分鐘德文初學體驗課就收穫良多,Robby還願意多花20分鐘時間回答問題,真心推薦!!!

wrote toRene Osswald BA (Hons), professional, experienced. multilingual🙂

11/02/2023 05:42
Amazingly beyond expectations! Catered to my needs! Since the first class learned a lot, and this second class even more & details! TestDaF preparation? Keine Sorge! He’s here to help!! Really recommended!

wrote to🥨👗🍻trilingual teacher 🇩🇪 🇪🇸 🇬🇧️ 💬 Real Life Conversation specialist

08/02/2023 12:39
Kimberly has been studying for a year, and the whole process is very pleasant. I am very grateful to the teacher for her teaching and patience. Now she has learned a lot of new words, simple conversations, and most importantly, she loves learning German.

wrote toDominique - 👨‍🏫German and English👨‍🏫

07/02/2023 21:40
An amazing dedicated teacher with lots of experience and a wide array of teaching resources. Dominique has a lot to tell about his life and adventures and gives you a great opportunity to express yourself in German. Being a competent English speaker he supports you and helps you whenever you stumble upon a 'freezing point' or whenever you need an explanation of something.

wrote toDominique - 👨‍🏫German and English👨‍🏫

06/02/2023 21:14
Dominique is helping me with my job interview preparations and also with business German. He comes prepared for the class and provides different materials suitable to my needs. I can safely recommend him as a German teacher.

wrote toRemo 💗German & English for Kids 💗 Goethe Inst. all levels 💗 Conversation

04/02/2023 21:45
It felt relaxed and casual, hence I am more motivated to come back to another lesson knowing I don't have much time for homework and much preparation. I got to speak a lot and revisit some grammar I learned long time ago. He made timely corrections without interrupting my flow and affecting my confidence. One thing I would appreciate though, is typing some of the new vocabulary/ impressions or words I completely forgot. It reassures me when I can read the spelling. I am very much a visual learner. :)

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